Develop Mode Q&A - Advanced Features


【Learn the develop mode! One click and you're done!】

Q1:Is it possible to add outside 3D models in develop mode?

A:Currently cannot, but will be able to import 3D models in the future

Q2:How to convert building designs and models to the new map?

A:Converting old buildings to new maps is currently not supported, you can use the trigger to quickly build officially provided building resources

1. Subsequent versions may add a blueprint generator, which players can use to customise and upload their own blueprints.

2. Model import

Q3:Is it possible to add outside music to develop mode?

A:It is not possible at the moment. But it may be possible in the future.

Q4:Does using Develop mode for maps provide data stability compared to the original?

A:The advance dev mode is our new mode it should be better than the old creation mode. We strongly suggest all developers change to use the new develop mode.

Q5:How to (get values) in the code cube ?

A:Value block (the green round rectangle shape)is used to specify any value on the trigger.Please see this picture for an example.

In this case, we use the Value block to set time to the set-time trigger.

Our game provides many types of value blocks for the player.

However, the player has to choose the correct type of value block to combine with the trigger. For example, if the trigger wants the number value but the player sends the text value block into it, it will fail.

Q6:How to use (Limited) in the code cube ?

A:Condition block is used to check the condition before performing any action trigger.

We usually put the condition block under the event block as shown in this example.

In this example, when the player enters the game, we will check the weather, if it rains the player will die.

There are many types of condition blocks to use. Please try to learn about them.

Q7:How to use (variable) in the code cube ?

A:The variable block is the block that is used to obtain the global and player variables.

The variable is used to store any value that the map developer wants.

For example, we can use variables to store the number of monsters that the player killed. And when the player talks to the NPC, he will get gold equal to the amount of monsters he killed.

Q8:What is the function of the (adjustments) in the code cube?

A:Custom block is used to collect a set of many action triggers together. As shown in this picture.

First, you have to create the custom block.

Then you can drag the custom block to plug into other triggers.