Void Night


1. Void Night Process

1.1 The dangerous night

1) The night time is from 18:00 to 6:00 in the game.

a. From the gaming time 18:00, all monsters appear frequently until next morning 6:00.

b. Void Boarman will disappear in the morning, the normal Boarman will take a rest.

2) Divided into two types: Ordinary nights and Special nights

a. If you open a new save, the second night will be the special night(viod night), and then every 4 days a special night will come.

  • Duration: 6pm to 6am
  • You can sleep after nightfall and skip void nights

b. The Void Invasion will not happen in every special night(viod night).

  • Save Survival Time>30hrs,or finish the quest《For Morning Glory》,will active the special night next time and the Void Invasion will befall.
  • The time of Void Invasion happens from gaming time 00:00 in the night.(Check the Void Invasion Chapter for more details.)

1.2 Visible Range

The visual range will shrink after nightfall and recover after dawn gradually.

2. The Special Night-World Rules

2.1 New Rules

1) Under the influence of void energy, plants/creatures will become void according to their own characteristics. After the void night is over, the sun will shine on the earth, and the world will return to its original state.

  • Void mutation start time: 18:00 on a special night; End time: 6:00 the next morning.
  • Due to performance trade-offs, mutations will only occur within the player's field of vision.
  • Natural mutations will be restored; mutations triggered by player interaction will not be restored.

2) Cultivation rules for void plants

  • [Void Fruit/Void Plant] can be processed into Void Seed through the Crafting Table.
  • Plant [Void Seed] in a pit and seedlings will grow, but they will only mature in dark places/times.

3) Artificial Variation:

  • Plants can only mutate naturally
  • Creatures can interact through [Void Crystal Blocks] to cause active mutation.

2.2 Plants

1) Fluorescent Shroom→Void Glowshroom

a.  Affected by the power of the void, the Fluorescent Shroom becomes huge and elastic (can be used as a trampoline)

  • Rebound according to the speed of contact with Void Glowshroom Cap
  • You can also actively trigger the bounce by accumulating power.

b. If you fall from a height and land on the Void Glowshroom, you will not be harmed by the fall.

c. Not allowed to be planted

2) Fruits on the tree → Fruits of the Void

a. Arbor Fruit、Cherry、Pinecone、Peach、Redwood Fruit、Walnut、Poplar Fruit. In the void night, there is a chance to become a void fruit.

  • Including trees planted by players

b. The function of void fruit:

  • Throw it out, destroying the blocks it touches [within a maximum range of 3*3*3] to cause a vortex explosion (the explosion radius is 1.5, but it will be affected by the throwing angle, the hardness of the target block, and the noise smoothing), which will affect the surrounding area. Creatures/drops generate a certain amount of suction

Not effective for BOSS

  • Can be processed into: [Void Mega-swirl Bomb]

A powerful version of the Void Fruit, a larger range of vortex bombs

c. Can be planted:

The Void Tree is composed of 4 parts: trunk, branches, leaves, and fruits.

3) Campanula→Void Campanula

a. The function of Void Campanula:

  • When a creature passes nearby [5*5*5 range], its stamens will shake and make a sound.

b. Can be planted

4) Crowfoot Grass→Void Crowfoot Grass

a. Function:

  • When a creature stays nearby [3*3*3 range] for a long time, Void Crowfoot Grass will launch an attack, causing [10] damage.

b. Can be planted

5) Void Flower

a. A new type of plant will not be generated naturally and will only appear in the void night.

  • Void Butterfly has a chance to turn weeds into Void Flowers.

b. Not allowed to be planted

6) Giant Buru、Giant Scaly Fruit→Void Melon Hat

a. Head decoration

b. Not allowed to be planted

  • 7) Atmosphere Enhancement Category

a. It can only be obtained through natural mutation (including those naturally generated and planted by players). There are no void seeds and cannot be artificially planted.

  • Limonium Sinuatum → Void Limonium Sinuatum
  • Orchid → Void Orchid
  • Dracaena Flower → Void Dracaena Flower
  • Dracaena → Void Dracaena
  • Hyacinth → Void Hyacinth
  • Tecoma Stans → Void Tecoma Stans
  • Agave → Void Agave
  • White Coco Flower → Void White Coco Flower
  • Wild Rose → Void Wild Rose
  • Coltsfoot → Void Coltsfoot
  • Equinox Flower → Void Equinox Flower

2.3 Creatures

1) Void Creatures

a. Mutation Conditions:

  • Except for natural variation.
  • You can interact with [Void Crystal Block] to actively mutate it (probability triggering mutation).

b. Habits of void creatures

  • The props required for taming, attracting, blood recovery, and special behaviors are the same as before mutation.
  • Mutated creatures cannot reproduce, except snow rabbits.

c. Void Energy:

  • Tamed void creatures will introduce the concept of void energy. When the void energy reaches 0, it will directly return to its normal state.

     Mount type: Movement and jumping (special skills) while riding will consume a certain amount of void energy.

     War pets: Each attack consumes a certain amount of void energy.

  • Eating void foods (eating only meat for carnivores, eating only vegetarian foods for vegetarians, eating both for omnivores, and eating anything general) can restore void energy.

2) Dango→Void Dango

a. Travel: [Void Dango] has a chance to be triggered when wandering around, swallowing the surrounding energy to create a vortex, and then teleport.

b. Both Dango and Void Dango can be tamed using [Bubble Gum]

c. After taming: mount

  • During the jumping process, a void vortex will be created to travel through space.

     Determined by the charging time of long pressing the space, the furthest [20 spaces] and the nearest [4 spaces]

     Can be parallel or up and down

  • One Void Dango can only have one pair of void vortices.
  • When riding, moving every [5 seconds] consumes [1] void energy, and each time you create a vortex, it consumes [4-20] void energy, which is proportional to the charging time.

3) Antlered Deer→Void Antlered Deer

a. Feeding [Hollyhock] can make [Void Horned Deer] enter the milk-producing state, and interact with [Small Glass Bottle] to obtain [Void Fresh Milk]

  • [Void Milk] is rich in nutrients but extremely unstable. It may be full of blood instantly or empty of blood instantly.

b. Void-antlered deer can be tamed by feeding [Void Crystal] (probability)

  • The horned deer cannot be tamed

c. After taming: mount

  • Can perform multiple jumps in the air
  • When riding, each [5s] movement consumes [1] void energy, and each jump consumes [3-10] void energy, which is proportional to the charging time.

4) Fox→Void Fox

a. The voided fox has a chance to become two-tailed or three-tailed. The more tails it has, the stronger it will be.

  • Both natural variation and artificial variation will change.

b. Foxes and void foxes can be tamed using [Dodo Egg]

c. After Taming: War Pet

  • Each attack consumes [2] void energy.

5) Snow Rabbit→Void Snow Rabbit

a. The Void Snow Rabbit is purple

b. Breedable:

  • Cross with snowshoe hares of other colors to produce snowshoe hares of different colors (white, brown, white-brown, purple, white-brown-purple).

c. Drop Void Meat

6) Butterfly→Void Butterfly

a. [Butterfly] Remove the spreading AI and solve the problem of the neighborhood becoming a sea of flowers (stuttering) after living for a long time.

b. [Void Butterfly] has spreading AI

  • Void butterflies have a chance to turn weeds into void flowers, various agave or other flowers

c. Use a glass bottle to capture [Void Butterfly] to obtain the corresponding glass bottle decoration.

7) Wowomon→Void Wowomon

a. After taming, press and hold space to charge forward.

b. Wowomon and Void Wowomon can both be tamed with [Cherry]

c. After taming: mount

  • Press and hold space to charge forward and cause certain damage and knockback to creatures in contact.
  • If it hits a block, the mount will be stunned and unable to move, but the player can dismount.
  • When riding, moving every [5 seconds] consumes [1] void energy, and each collision consumes [3-10] void energy, which is proportional to the charging time.

d. Drop Void Meat

8) Atmosphere Enhancement Category

a. Appearance changes

  • Jellyfish         →        Void Jellyfish
  • Firefly         →        Void Firefly

    Can synthesize [Void Firefly Glass Bottle]

  • Pirate Ship         →       Void Pirate Ship

     There is a chance of triggering the [Ghost Ship] state when moving. The color of the pirate ship becomes lighter and lighter until it is transparent, and then slowly returns to its original state, appearing as if it is faintly visible.

b. Appearance changes, attack range increased, drop: Void Meat

  • Desert Wolf         →       Void Desert Wolf
  • Little Raptor         →       Void Little Raptor
  • Shark         →       Void Shark
  • Bat         →       Void Bat
  • Leopard         →       Void Leopard

9) 2.3.9 Optimizing 5 original creatures

a. Dodo Bird

  • Appearance optimization
  • Added [Flapping] casual AI

b. Wowomon

  • The body becomes stronger.

c. Tonton

  • Appearance optimization
  • Adjust sleeping position to lying on your stomach

d. Deer

  • Appearance optimization
  • Added [Jumping and Running] AI

e. Fox

  • Appearance optimization(Untamed state is fierce, tamed state is cute and docile)
  • Added [baring teeth] AI in untamed state

3. Void Invasion

3.1 Triggering the Void Invasion event

1) In the void night, the following conditions must be met at the same time

  • Trigger time: During the Void Night on the ≥30th day in current map, or the next Void Night after completing the "Skilled Explorer" achievement mission
  • 00:00 at midnight
  • The player is near the [Resurrection Stone] activated by himself

    When the activated [Resurrection Stone] is destroyed, all  bound resurrection points will be converted back to the initial point of the map.

3.2 Ways to prevent void invasion

1) If there is an Ancient Black Dragon Statue nearby, the void invasion event will not be triggered.

2) Sleep and skip the night when the void night comes

3.3 Difficult Setting

1) Triggering the Void Invasion event

a. It will be dynamically matched based on the number of players near the [Resurrection Stone] (only those who have activated the stone)

  • The more players, the more monsters.
  • The deeper the progress of the mission goal, the higher the difficulty of the monster.

b. Automatically increase difficulty

  • After the ≥50th day in the current map.

c. Actively increase the difficulty

  • Place the [Resurrection Stone] on the [Void Crystal Block], and then activate it.

2) 3.3.2 Level 1-4

a. Level 1

  • Default difficulty
  • Invading monsters:

b. Level 2~4

  • Automatically increase difficulty: Complete [Skilled Explorer] or game days ≥ 100 days in current map.
  • Manually increase the difficulty: players hold props and interact with the [Resurrection Stone]
  • Invading monsters

3.4 Boarman Monster Setting

Unified settings:

  • Will be affected by the Night of the Void, and may become controlled by the Void and participate in invasion events.
  • Attack any target who attacks them.
  • Every morning at 6 o'clock, the Boarman who are not in combat will run away and disappear.

1) Original Boarman(Boarman、Spear Goblin、Jockey)

a. Optimize the model

b. Adjust values to reduce combat difficulty

c. Special AI adjustments:

  • Boarman. The riding targets are expanded to: fox, desert wolf, yak, wowo beast
  • Spear Goblin,Removed ignition AI (Retained by Void Elite Spear Goblin spear throwers)
  • Jockey,After adjusting the attack method to quickly approach, hit once and then run away, wait for the opportunity to hit again, and so on.

2) Add Strong Boarman(Boarman、Spear Goblin)

a. New special AI of Boarman: it will change its fighting style according to the weapons it holds.

  • When holding a shield, the turning speed will be slower and the attack frequency will be reduced, which plays a defensive role in combat.
  • When holding a weapon, there is a probability of triggering combo effects.
  • When holding a pickaxe/axe type tool, it will destroy the blocking blocks during advancement.

b. New special AI for Spear Goblin: it will change its fighting style according to the weapons it holds.

  • When holding a spear, switch between melee and long-range (5 blocks) according to the distance between the player and the player.
  • When holding other types of weapons (non-spear types, such as bows, slingshots, and crossbows), there is a probability that the continuous fire effect will be triggered.

3) Add Elite Boarman(Elite-Boarman、Elite-Spear Goblin、Elite-Jockey)

a. Compared with ordinary Boarman, there are differences in body shape and headgear.

b. The elite series Boarman has a probability of bringing its own equipment when it appears, and uses corresponding attack routines according to different equipment.

c. Elite·Boarman warrior

  • Holding a shield, there is a chance to enter the status of shield defense and fast/fast and slow knife combo attacks (the number of combos is determined based on the quality of the weapon)

   When the blood volume is higher than 50%, the attack interval is longer and the probability of entering a combo is high.

   When the blood volume is lower than 50%, the attack interval is shortened and the probability of entering a combo is low.

   When the blood volume is lower than 50%, there is a high probability of entering the defensive (shield raising) state during the attack.

  • Holding a weapon/pickaxe/axe, there is a chance to enter the fast knife, fast and slow knife combo attack room (the number of combos is determined based on the quality of the weapon)

   When the blood volume is lower than 50%, the probability of entering a combo is low, and the probability of using weapon skills is high.

   When holding a pickaxe/axe type tool, it will destroy the blocking blocks during advancement.

d. Elite Spear Goblin

  • Added a moving attack method. When the distance from the target is less than 12 blocks, it will be 2 blocks away.
  • When holding long-range weapons (bow, crossbow, slingshot, spear), add normal attacks, charged attacks, and quick attacks.

    When the blood volume is higher than 50%, the attack interval is longer, with a higher probability of normal attacks and a smaller probability of charged attacks.

    When the blood volume is lower than 50%, the attack interval is shortened, and there is a higher probability of entering the rapid attack state (attack 2 times after charging)

  • Hold a spear weapon and switch between melee and long-range according to the distance between it and the player (3 grids)

4) Add Void Boarman(Void-Boarman、Void-Spear Goblin、Void-Jockey)

a. Boarman, who will be affected by the Void Night, will participate in the invasion event.

b. Behavioral AI and attack mode have not changed, and attributes have become stronger.

3.5 Void monster Setting

1) Added new Void Egg

a. It will refresh and appear at night, appear in most non-special terrains, and will not disappear during the day.

b. Behavioral AI:

  • Active attack type
  • Vientiane Tianyin: When it is 2 blocks away from the target, it triggers the charge → explosion and generates suction of a black hole.

    The nearby 3*3*3 area is destroyed.

    Suction affects players, creatures, and dropped objects.

     If you kill the dropped objects within a period of time after they are absorbed, the absorbed objects will fall out.

     Can be interrupted during charging

2) 3.5.2 Void Apostle

a. Adjusted to appear in most ecosystems at night (non-special terrain: such as volcanoes) and disappear during the day.

b. Adjust to active attack type

c. Special AI:

  • Increase the number of people who will be knocked back when attacked (0.5 Block)
  •  2. There is a certain probability that you will look up and stare at the moon.
  •  3. When encountering a designated creature, energy will be absorbed (there is a chance that the creature will pick it up and absorb its blood), and the creature will enter a brief state of dizziness.

3) 3.5.3 Added Clergy of the Void Envoy/Priest of the Void Envoy/High Priest of the Void Envoy

a. As the leader in Void Invasion, he mainly plays a summoning role.

b. Active attack type.

3.6 Void Invasion-Process

1) [Elite Void Apostle] appears first nearby (in a circular area of 38-96 cells centered on the player)

2) Summon the corresponding monster according to the selected [Difficulty]

  • Part of [Elite Void Apostle]’s health (34%) will be deducted each time it is summoned. It will not be deducted for the first summons.

3) A total of 4 waves of summons will be carried out during the entire invasion process.

  • The interval between each call is about 1 minute.

4) Ending conditions (just meet one of them)

  • Defeat [Elite Void Apostle]
  • The invasion time is over (Morning Comes)

3.7 Special monster behavior

1) Boarman holding tools like [axes] and [pickaxes] will destroy all impassable blocking blocks they encounter.

2) The Jockey will destroy the planted plants and press the switch button randomly.

3) Add a control switch in edit mode (Developer, Advanced Creation - World Settings - Monster Generation) to turn off Void Night by default.