New Map:[Blast Master]


Map ID:73720050479177


Let's go tear down the wall! What the what? There's a Blast Co. that's looking for demolition experts! The job is said to be quite simple, just one word: Demolition! Demolish until you become a "Blast Master" and get your money and reputation. I won't tell you about the hidden treasures, what this company is up to, and what secrets are behind the city. ...... Discover it all on your own!

This is a game that just requires destruction! Destruction! Destruction! This is a casual stress relieving game, there are 3 major themed scenarios: Modern City, Ice Castle, and Jungle Technology, and different areas have different gold coins and reputation bonuses, which will make you twice as happy. At the same time, each area has its own heirloom weapons waiting for you to collect and redeem, summon them to let you have full power. Demolition Company has also prepared a large number of demolition weapons for you, grenades, pistols, sniper rifles, melee weapons, missiles, and morphing mechs ..... What cool skills do they all have? How painful it is to blow up, go try it and you'll know!