New Map:[Only Jump]


Map ID:16983465506226


Take a leap of faith into Only Jump and experience the excitement and challenge of a brand new 3D scenario parkour game! Haven't experienced the new 3D model content must come to try, moving, rotating, swinging entities and traditional parkour collide together will produce a wonderful chemistry. The map contains five levels, namely Jump Only, Rainbow Run, Traffic Jam, Chaos Entity, and Endless Parkour, each of which presents a unique three-dimensional scene and a variety of fun props. Moving cars, trampolines, and sledgehammers make your parkour even more fun, and by cleverly jumping and dodging obstacles, you'll challenge your reaction speed and skills. As the game progresses, unlock higher difficulty levels and more creative prop systems, including flying props, backtracking props, etc. Use them to challenge your speedpass time, become a champion in the field of parkour, and show your spirit of extreme challenge!