Void Night 2


I. Battle Upgrade

1. Battle AI

  • Modify the attack determination.
  • Add more attack actions.
  • Added attack combos (continuous playback of attack actions during combat, affecting hit determination).

1) Battle Method

a. Modify the attack determination.

  • Added range attack (changed from original ray detection to attack box-cuboid)
  • The hit determination is more accurate (the hit determination is bound to a certain frame in the action, and the attack hit determination will only be performed when the attack action plays to this interval).

b. Added prohibition of mining/logging and other behaviors during combat.

  • During attack action;
  • While the chain timer is running;
  • During skill charging and casting;

c. Attack Speed (affects the playback multiplier of a single attack action)

  • Exp: Rune stone enchantment effect, BUFF effect;

2) Attack Action

a. The actions are divided into upper body and lower body, and used with different action types.

b. Add corresponding action performances according to different weapons.

c. Attack typs

  • Normal attack (a continuous set of actions, used for attack combos)
  • Swim attack
  • Ride attack

d. Increase the attack interval (the next attack will not be carried out until the previous attack is completed)

e. Attack actions can be forcibly interrupted through some operations

  • Play the hit animation when receiving damage
  • Charge skills; Cast skills
  • Switch handheld props; Open bag
  • Enter the water from land to switch to swimming state; land from water to land to release swimming state.

3) Attack Combo

a. When you continue to input attack commands in combat status, a set of "attack queues" will be triggered.

b. Added combo timer

  • Displayed at the crosshair position (display can be turned off in the settings interface).
  • Start when the attack action ends/cancels.
  • Close when countdown ends.
  • Forced shutdown

   The character is attacked; there is an attack command input (including cached attack commands).

   Switch handheld props; Open bag

   The character enters swimming, riding, or flying state

  • Different weapon types have different durations of combo timers.

c. Combo Damage

  • Increase the damage in a single combo according to the combo level.
  • The last combo has the highest attack bonus.

4) Defense Status

a. Added defense status

  • On/Off: use defensive skills (for example: shield)

   Defensive skills: consumption of physical strength when released.

  • On/Off:

   Ends when the skill terminates (for example: long-press the right button while holding a shield to activate the shield skill, release the right button to end the skill)

   Damage beyond the defense range (for example: when setting up a shield, the defense range is directly in front of the character, and when the back is attacked, the shield is terminated)

   Toughness returns to 0 (for example: the shield skill generates 100 toughness, and when the cumulative toughness reduction from attacks exceeds 100, the defense is released)

  • Effect: Reduce the damage caused by creatures or projectiles within the range of defense skills.

   Gain toughness and knockback resistance

   Reduce movement speed

b. Defensive toughness

  • For the added biological attributes (the default is 0), toughness will be calculated only in the defensive state.
  • When entering the defensive state, [Creature toughness] is equal to [the current value of tool/weapon toughness]
  • In the defensive state, each time it receives damage, the creature's toughness is reduced.

   Creature toughness = Creature toughness - value of the edge received

  • Added toughness attribute to the tool

   In the defensive state, toughness is calculated every time you receive damage.

   The current value of tool toughness = the current value of tool toughness - the value of the damage received

   After the defense state is released, the current toughness value will begin to recover until it reaches the upper limit.

c. Over toughness

  • The toughness breaking effect is triggered when the toughness returns to0 (the damage received is increased by 20% + operations are prohibited, lasting 2 seconds)

5) Battle Skill

  • Add new skill methods and the impact of skills on attack operations.

6) New Creature Attributes

a. Turning speed, used to control how quickly a creature turns.

b. Monster toughness. If the monster has a toughness value, its toughness value will be deducted when it is attacked. After the toughness reaches 0, it will enter the defense-breaking (hard straight) state.

  • Toughness, used to calculate creature defense, used when breaking defense.
  • Toughness recovery. When the toughness value is not satisfied and is not in combat status, the toughness value will be restored.
  • Toughness reduction, the creature’s toughness reduction value is added when it attacks.
  • In the defense-broken state, the defense value is greatly reduced.

c. Knockback resistance, used to determine whether the target will be knocked back

d. Elemental Defense

  • Flame Defense
  • Posion Defense
  • Chaos Defense(Dark)
  • Freeze Defense

7) Return Arrow

  • When creatures (including players) are attacked by projectiles (arrows), they will fall out when they die (not all will fall, there will be some damage).

2. Weapon Adjustment

1) New general skill: When the skill hits a creature, its toughness value is reduced (the same as the basic attack blade)

2) The original weapons are adjusted and some new weapons are added.

3. Weapon Fusion

1) Fusion Bench

a. Added Fusion Bench, which is used to fuse two weapons into one dual-wielding weapon.

b. Fusion Rules

  • Place any two weapons and fuse them
  • Energy consumption: creating crystals (both will be consumed if the fusion is successful/failed)
  • Success:

     If item1 and item2 have x enchantments perks, x [Precision Rune Stone] props will be returned.

     New Fusion Weapon

  • Failed:Return 2 placed weapons

c. New item [Precision Rune]

  • Rune stones with specific attributes and values engraved on them.
  • It will only be produced when fusing enchanted weapons at the fusion table.
  • You can directly embed the engraved attributes + values on the corresponding tools/weapons/equipment at the rune table.

2) Fusion of dual-wield weapons

  Weapons and tool types within a limited range can be fused. After fusion, new skills can be obtained.

4. Enchantment

  • Expand the current enchantment effects and reorganize the items that can be unlocked by equipment parts to increase the application scenarios of enchantments and provide more choices during the actual playing process.
  • Modify the universal activation stone to return any level of enchantment effect (previously, only the highest level was returned).
  • New enchantment effects.

5. Attribution

1) Sleep and health system optimization

a. Sleeping now will restore your strength!

  • According to sleep duration, it affects health value, physical strength value and wake-up buff weight after waking up.
  • Sleeping too much (18-19) or too little (4-6) , just right (21-23)
  • When the physical strength value is in the range of 0-15, it will directly return to 20 after getting up.

     When the physical strength value is in the range of 15-100, the recovery amount will be dynamically calculated based on the sleep duration.

b. Wake up BUFF

  • Added: Great Appetite: The effect of food is increased by 30%.

   Health, stamina, shield, perseverance, oxygen.

  • Extend the duration of the original BUFF

c. Increased health and natural recovery

  • When physical strength is >85, health will be restored naturally (5 points per unit time).
  • If the health value reaches 0 or reaches the upper limit, it will no longer recover naturally.

d. Adjustment of health recovery props in the early stage

  • Added new bandage, recovery amount: 10 shields

    Recipe: [1] Cotton + [1] Plant fiber = [1] Bandage

  • First aid kit, modified recovery amount: 15 health + 10 shield

    Recipe: [1] Any flower + [2] Bandage = [1] First aid kit

  • Increase cotton production

     Added cotton produced in the Mira Starry Sky Island area

     The cotton production of other ecology has increased slightly (the ecology that originally did not produce cotton has not changed).

6. Difficulty Adjustment

1) Monster attributes

The overall monster attributes have been increased, and monsters can now use weapons to enhance their strength!

2) Difficult Level

a. A new difficulty option is added to the classic adventure mode. You can select the difficulty when creating a map. The default difficulty is normal.

b. When you die for the first time in the map, you will be asked whether to lower the difficulty.

  • Difficulty will only affect physical consumption and monster strength; it will not affect income.
  • In single-player games, the difficulty can be lowered or increased at any time. In multi-player games, only the host can change the difficulty.

3) Death Punishment

Now within the specified time, the more times you die, the higher the number of stars required for resurrection!

II. Explore Upgrade

1. Underworld

1) The Mine

a. Convenient for finding mines

  • The mines are adjusted to be crisscrossed

     Ecosystems that will not generate mines: Volcano, Sky Island, Oasis, Snow Mountain, Blazing Star, Horas.

  • Add an entrance to the mine on the ground and add canyon terrain.

    Ecosystems that do not have canyons: shallow sea, deep sea, islands, rivers, frozen oceans, frozen lakes, frozen rivers, icebergs.

b. Optimize mineral art performance

  • Update Materials ;
  • Update the glow effect;

c. Optimize mining performance

  • Performance when the tool is not correct (left is before the change, right is after the change)

  • Right Tool performance (left is before the change, right is after the change)

d. Mineral refresh adjustment

2) Underground Ruins (Several new underground rooms added)

a. Safe House: 2 types (three styles each), providing a safe environment and smelting table for players to rest and prepare

  • Contains basic content: smelting table * 1, simple sleeping bag * 1, wooden box * 1, campfire (extinguished) * 1, fluorescent mushroom lamp * 1, and other decorations.

  • Includes basic content: bookcase, candle lamp*1, wooden bed, box*1, equipment display stand, and other decorations.

  The adventure does not provide a recipe to craft bookshelves and candle lights.

  • Star Station Room: 1  more convenient to travel between underground and surface, to establish underground bases.

  • Monster Room: 3 (kill monsters, open treasure chests to get rewards).

    Contains: several treasure chests (some are in plain sight, some are hidden), decorations, weaker monsters.

    Rewards: Brass, Mithril, Food, Runestones, Stone Arrows, Brass Shields, and Titanium Alloy!

  • Trap room: 1

    Rewards include: Brass equipments, Mithril equipments, Leather Cloak, Stone Arrow, Sorcery Bone (necessary material for taming wild people), Foods.

3) Optimize Plants in mines

a. Moss

  • Added a new slippery attribute. Be careful not to slip when standing on it. Destroy it and the moss balls will fall.
  • Can be stacked (up to 3 times), the more you stack, the thicker it gets.
  • Moss will now generate in mines.

b. Moss Ball

  • It can be smelted in the platform and burned into ash, or thrown out.
  • Throwing Effect:

     It will explode when it hits a block. If the block can grow moss, a layer of [moss] will be generated directly.

     It will explode and cause knockback upon hitting a creature, but no damage.

c. Soil-shoot/Perilla

  • Added seeds that can be used for planting (need to be planted in a dark place with a brightness <= 7 and a block above)
  • When mature, it will cause the Horas Spore Tree within a range of [3*3*3] to mutate.

     Horas Spore Stipe→Mutated Horas Spore Stipe

     Horas Spore→Mutated Soil-shoot/Mutated Perilla

2. Tools upgrade

1) Pickaxe

a. Optimize animation performance (Drill only).

b. Optimize the skill effect, adjust the cooling time to the charging time, increase the corresponding flat area destroyed after charging, the higher the pickaxe level, the faster the digging speed.

  • Mining skill: After long pressing the right button to charge, the blocks in the area centered on the block the player touches can be destroyed. The [Pickaxe Destruction] state will stop until the right button is released.

     Stone Pickaxe (No charging function)

     Brass Pickaxe (without charging function)

     Mithril Pickaxe: [1*3*1] plane, efficiency bonus 300.

     Titanium Pickaxe: [Cross] plane, efficiency bonus 450

     Tungsten Drill: [3*3*1] plane, efficiency bonus 660

2) Axe

a. Optimize animation performance (all axe tools), optimize the effect of tree destruction.

b. Optimize skill effects. You can long-press the right button to destroy the entire tree with Mithril Axe, Titanium Axe, and Chainsaw. The higher the axe level, the faster the felling speed.

  • Stone Axe(No function)
  • Brass Axe(No function)

3. Adjustment of Planting and Feeding Rules

1) Growth rules for animals

The animals you raise will not be lazy. Even when you are out, as long as there is enough food and the (living) conditions are met, they will grow up on their own after enough time (the growth time is calculated from the previously activated area, and the growth time is adjusted to be calculated using the time difference).

  • If it doesn't grow, it may not be eating enough food or not long enough.

2) Growth rules for Plants

The crops have been improved and are more in line with the laws of nature (the growth time is calculated from the activated area before, and now it is adjusted to calculate the growth time based on the time difference). Now you can go out without worry, and you will find that they have grown when you come back.

  • If it doesn't grow, it may not be eating enough food or not long enough.
  • The original accelerated growth method is still effective: fertilization (poop), moist land (watering/rain), suitable soil (fertile soil/wood ash), scarecrow, suitable temperature.

4. Merchant Upgrade

1) Added new merchants

a. Different merchants will explore different terrains. When they come back, their clothes will change and the goods on the shelves will also be local specialties.

  • Rainforest, desert, snow-capped mountains, beach (ocean)

b. Special Behavior AI

  • If he needs food, when a food sign appears above his head, you can hold the food and interact with him.
  • Escape quickly. When attacked, it will escape at 1.2 times the speed.
  • Rest. At 19:00, go back to your room and go to bed.
  • Say hello. When seeing the player, they will take the initiative to say hello.
  • Hiding from the rain. When the weather is bad, you will stop outdoor activities and return to the room you are staying in (if you are in the remote process, there will be no impact).
  • Avoid danger. When the void night comes, hide in bed and pretend to sleep.

2) Appearance rules

a. Complete the assigned task [Take a good rest]

b. Number of map days ≥ 10 days

c. After any one of the conditions is met, the merchant will appear near the player's bound [Resurrection Point] at around 7 am (map time).

d. After the merchant appears, if there is no satisfactory house, the merchant will leave after [5 minutes].

e. After leaving, the rule judgment will be executed again after [6-10] days.

3) Check-in settings (merchant recruitment)

a. First of all, you need to have a living environment (living level)

  • Level 1: Available beds;
  • Level 2: There are multiple high-quality furniture in the area around the bed (8*8*8);

b. After settling down, the merchant will go out regularly and come back irregularly. The level of residence affects the length of time he goes out, the types of items he sells, the distance he explores, etc.

4) Travel settings (the following times are all in-game times)

a. After checking in, you will pack your bags and prepare for a long journey within 2-3 days.

  • If the merchant is given enough food, his preparation time will be greatly shortened, prompting him to go out earlier.

b. After going out, he will record the terrain and features along the way, and then decide which ecosystem to explore in depth based on his mood.

  • This determines which ecological specialty he will bring back when he returns.
  • And what type of map information does he sell?
  • Due to the time limit of going out, the range of terrain exploration by the merchant is also limited (about 3000 grids nearby, exceeding it will affect performance)
  • If you have gone out 5 times and still haven't been to the following terrains (other terrains, rain forests, deserts, snowy mountains, beaches), it means that there is no such terrain near your home. It is recommended to move~

c. After 3-5 days away, he will return home (special terrain will have special decorations) to sell/recycle goods.

  • If the bed he lived in before is still there, he will appear at home;
  • If the bed is removed, it will appear near the resurrection point;

5) Trading Rules

a. Different from other merchants, the shelves of traveling merchants cannot be refreshed. When the merchant returns from his travels, his trading content for the recent period has been determined.

  • Normal Items
  • Map products that record the direction and coordinates of a particular terrain

b. You can judge what terrain the merchant went to based on the slogan of the merchant

6) New: Terrain Map

  • Display the terrain name and terrain drawing effect.
  • Display the coordinates of the terrain, making it easier to find the desired ecosystem with a topographic map.

5. Cooking

1) Stone Pot-Exploratory Cooking

a. The stone pot needs to be placed on a campfire to make food (original function).

b. Hold the ingredients and right-click the pot to throw the food into the pot (up to 4 foods).

c. Develop different delicacies based on the ingredients in the pot (displayed above the pot, right click to take).

d. Food Recipes.

2) Mithril Pot - Convenient Cooking

a. Used to make food in batches. The Mithril Furnace cannot test dishes and can only make food according to unlocked recipes.

   Unlock recipes by cooking new food in a stone pot.

b. No longer need to be placed on a campfire, fuel is needed inside to craft items.

III. Creation Update

1. Function Block

1) Manual Transmitter

a. After placing and interacting, you will enter the first-person perspective, and a shooting crosshair will appear in the middle of the screen. You can rotate the perspective at any angle.

b. Using the attack key will launch the items in the currently selected inventory. Different items will have different effects after being launched.

  • Same effect as Star Energy [Launcher]
  • The launch speed will be faster

2) Animal Trap

a. Can be placed on top of a block. When a creature (including the player) touches the trap, it will take [10] damage and be imprisoned.

    The imprisonment effect is ineffective against BOSS.

b. Imprisonment time:

  • Non-aggressive creatures will be permanently imprisoned. The more aggressive the creature, the shorter the imprisonment time.
  • Player, imprisoned for 5 seconds

c. When triggered on a mount, the mount is affected by the [Trap] and the player falls off the mount.

2. Added home blocks

1) Road signs

Added road signs. When you interact with a non-road sign block or empty-handed, the editing interface of the interacted road sign will be opened. After entering text and confirming, the text content will be displayed on the road sign.

  • Side placement (cannot be spliced).
  • Top surface placement (can be spliced)

2) Dummy Model

You can wear the equipment in your hand on the mannequin.

  • Wearable: Helmet, breastplate, pants, shoes, cape, weapon six pieces of equipment.
  • The equipment's attributes, durability, type, enchantment and other data will be saved.

3) Equipment Rack

Can be placed on the side of a block to display weapons and tools. The durability and properties of the equipment will be retained.

4) Monster Statue

a. There are 33 monsters in total, each with 3 materials: stone, silver, gold.

b. After placing it, right-clicking and interacting with the statue will cause the corresponding monster's cry to sound (it will play when receiving a star energy signal).

c. How to obtain: Complete the normal monster killing mission of [Berserk Warrior] and the boss killing missions of [Rainforest Mystery] and [Defeat the Void]

   Only issued by completing tasks, no crafting recipe.

5) Cobblestone Blocks

Decorative block, no other function

6) A basic set of furniture

Bed, chair, table, sofa, fireplace (smelting furnace), cabinet.

3. Crafting Table Adjustment

1) Synthesis Optimization

a. Added 3 new states for recipes: craftable, uncraftable (insufficient materials), undiscovered (unlocked recipes)

  • Incomplete Crafting Table: [Craftable] [Uncraftable] [Unlocked];
  • Complete Crafting Table: [Craftable] [Not Craftable];
  • Bag-Crafting: [Can be crafted] [Cannot be crafted];

b. Optimize interaction

  • New: Folding function for props of the same type;
  • Optimization: The right side displays the area and quantity increase/decrease operations, and the quantity display is adjusted from the number of groups to the final number obtained.
  • Adjustment: Tab classification;
  • Optimization: The attributes in Tips can now also be searched;

2) Repair Optimization

a. Adjust the price of repairs

  • Now you can repair it with materials only, without consuming stars;
  • You can also choose to repair it directly with stars without consuming materials;

b. Added the function of repairing dual-wielding weapons

VI. Experience optimization&BUG Fixed

1. Functional optimization

1) The mini-map is adjusted to the default fixed direction.

2) Added automatic pursuit function to the respawn point and the last item dropped by death on the minimap, and can manually cancel the tracking.

3) The water surface effect is optimized, reducing the greasy effect and making it clearer.

4) Add depth and lightness to the leaves.