Update Content 0.46.0


Ⅰ. Epic update: Wild Man is added into Survival mode.
1. Monsters that appear at night will be tamed into your friend. Wild men have different kinds of jobs.
2. New items: ① Bonfire. ②Witchcraft Bone Hammer. ③Tribe Totem. ④Stela. ⑤First-aid Pack ⑥Farmer Flag ⑦Woodman Flag ⑧Guardian Flag
3. Introduction of Wild Man: ① Villager. ② Hunter.③ Wild Baby.
1. New skins: Fluttershy, Grimblock, Leonardo(Available for version 0.46.0)
2. 16 New avatars
Ⅲ. Function optimized
Ⅳ. Bug fixed