Resource Center Tutorial

Miniworld Resource Center

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Check out these tutorials if you are not familiar with this function:



Hi, dear friends, the Resource Center that everyone is looking forward to is finally online! Are you still worried about not making exquisite models? No worried! The Resource Center will save you!


Follow me and learn how to use the Resource Center!


1.Basic Function

Please use the [Dev Mode] to start your map creation:

Then click on the [Resource Center] button on the upper right corner:

And then, you will see a [Gallery] button in the lower left corner: 

Entering the Gallery by clicking on the button, you will see the Home page of Resource Center with so many latest featured resources:

Let’s introduce the functions of several menus on the left menu bar ↓↓↓

In the [Category] page, you can get different classification results according to different resource labels by clicking on the [Filter] button:

For example, after I choose the weapon label

It will automatically filter out the resources by the labels you selected, so that you can quickly search for the model you want!

In the [Search] page, we can search the resources by UID or Resource ID and quickly get what you want: 

In the [Topic] page, we can find the resources collection with a certain topic. For example, if I need some furniture models to build a house, then I can try to find the resources collection with the topic of furniture:

2.Download and use the resource


So how can we get the models?

You can click on the [Download] button to download it, or you can click on the picture to review more details about the model before downloading:

Remember to give the likes for the model you like ☺

When you have successfully downed the model, the [Download] button will show as [Downloaded]:

Close the page back to the game, let’s open the Resource Center again:

Click on the [Main Library] and you will see the model you downloaded from the Gallery!

Drag the model in the Item bar to use!

Place the model on the map, done!

The above is the method of placing models, then how to use it if it is a weapon!?

We will show more details in this tutorial!

Upload your resources

So how do I upload my own model?

Still! click on the [Resource Center] after you generated your own models:

You will see your model will be automatically added in the Resource Center.


Click on [Manage] to manage your model:

Choose the model and move it to the Main Library:

After that, go to the [Main Library], click on [Manage] button to upload it:

When you click the [Upload], the below interface will prompt out:

There will be a cloud icon after you upload it:

There are three stages when you upload the item:


From left to right is: Uploading, Reviewing after upload, Uploaded successfully.

Click on [Add an Item] button in the [Mine]->[Product] to sell your item:

The below UI will prompt out:

1.Enter the item name:

2.Click on the below btn to choose an item: can choose the Currency Type:

4.Enter the description about the item:

5.Click on the [Add] btn to add labels: on [Put on Shelf] to sell your item!

The resource just uploaded will enter the review period, please don’t upload any illegal thing!!

4.Remove from the shelf

If you want to remove the resource from the shelf, you just need to click on it, and then click the [Remove from the shelf] btn to remove it.

It will show ‘Off Shelf’ when it is succeeded.

You can also click the [Back on shelf] to put the resource back on sell directly with any review period:


Have you learned how to use the Resource Center? If so, please like and save this tutorial and leave your lovely comments here! 


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