Ocean Version – 1.2.0 Release Notes

Are the people across the sea our enemies?


New ocean version is now available! You can explore deepers, -sea, shallow-sea, and island to discover all sorts of new things. Set sail to the ocean!
      • Two mainlines: sailing and treasure hunting.
      • New gameplay: treasure maps, fishing, and drift bottles.
      • New ocean ecosystem: new animals, plants, items, culture and weather.
      • New blocks: new lamina and adjustable blocks shape.
      • Functions iteration: added Minimap, new game view, adjustment of dropping rules and plants upgrade.


I. Two mainlines

1. Sailing

Shipbuilding → Sailing → Pirate Ship (Naval Combat) → Islands


Shipbuilding and Sailing:

    • Ships can be crafted in Machine Workshop or modified in real-time by placing/removing blocks on the ship.
    • The buoyancy of the ship is determined by the weight of the ship’s blocks, and additional buoyancy blocks can be added to increase buoyancy.
    • A ship’s rudder is added to control the direction of navigation, and a new turning method is introduced. The rudder is the core block of the ship, and once destroyed, it signifies damage to the entire ship.
    • Thrusters are added to consume fuel and provide propulsion.
    • Any block/part of the ship can be accurately destroyed, and the addition of ranged artillery (made of coconuts) and pirate ships enhances the naval combat experience.
    • A shipwreck feature is added, where sunken ships become structures on the seabed.


Pirate Ship (Mob)

Only appears in the deep sea and attacks players on sight. It has a ranged attack and explodes upon destruction, causing pirate crew members to abandon ship. It does not attack other aquatic creatures. There are three types: small pirate ship, medium pirate ship, and large pirate ship (which can summon bomb boats).



There are three types of islands: deserted islands, red clay islands and coral islands.
There are various buildings for exploration on the islands, such as a fishing village on the beach.
The lighthouse is an important landmark on the seaside, and there is a broken sea god statue inside. By using pearls to repair the statue, you can obtain the protection of the sea god. Pearls can be obtained from shells.
Random NPC buildings will appear on the islands, such as pirate merchants and coral merchants, selling different things. There is a pirate treasure on the deserted island. Before trading with the pirate merchant, make sure to check your equipment, as pirates will assess you first and only trade with those strong enough. If the player is not strong enough, the pirates will simply rob you.


2. Treasure Hunting

Fishing Village → Shallow Sea → Deep Sea → Sunken Ships


Fishing Village

The villagers in Fishing Village spontaneously gather to fish, and hunger is added as a gameplay element (if the villagers go without food for too long, they will die of starvation). The villagers dry the fish they catch into jerky, which is an important food source by the sea. Each village has a legendary angler, from whom you can exchange a golden fish for a more powerful fishing rod blueprint.

II. New Gameplay

1. Treasure Map

You can obtain treasure maps through Fishing and Ruins.
After unfolding the treasure map, you can see the treasure mark (usually located underwater or on an island), which shows the flat position coordinates, but the height is unknown. The mark can be added to the Mini-map and tracked.
    • Treasure that is buried (but has a mark) and needs to be found
    • Treasure guarded by monsters
    • Treasure that triggers a mechanism


2. Fishing

Fishing is only available when you are not in swimming state and in the Drifting, Shallow Sea, or Deep Sea, with a water depth ≥ 2 blocks. When a fish is caught, you will perform a motion of raising the fish above your head with both hands, and the specific item obtained depends on the ecology and fishing rod used, but the exact content is uncertain.
    • Operation method: Charge the fishing rod, Wait, Lift the rod, and Get the reward.
    • Fishing failure: the character moves more than 1 block, switches the item.


3. Drift Bottle

Crafting drift bottles
    • Change the item type of Small Glass Bottle to block type (can be placed on the ground) and become [Small Glass Bottle Block].
    • Hold the [Leather Scroll with letters written on] in your hand and tap use/right-click to load it into the [Small Glass Bottle Block], which becomes the [Drift Bottle Block].
    • Smash the [Drift Bottle block], pick it up in your pack, and it will become a [Drift Bottle] item.


Throw it out

    • Hold down the Use/Right-click button to charge up, then throw the Drift Bottle into the water in the shallow sea, deep sea, river, or beach, and it will disappear.
    • Throw it into other water, it will float on the surface.
    • The bottle will break when thrown onto the block and the scroll will drop.


Obtaining from others
    • There is a chance to obtain a Drift Bottle from a distant place when fishing.
    • It could be a system-generated message, or it could be from a player.
The Leather Scroll has added an anonymous function.


4. Transform

When using the Ocean Spirit Stones to transform into an Ocean Spirit Guard, the player gains access to some of the guard’s attack skills, including a range water spray attack and a melee attack. Other Ocean Spirit Guards will not attack the player in their transformed state.
Attributes of the Ocean Spirit Guard: HP, attack, and movement speed.
The characteristic of the Ocean Spirit Guard: losing HP continually when leaving the water.

III. Newly Added

1. Animals & Plants


The original gugufish has been redesigned, with three different types of small fish added. The design now includes a liking for light and a fluorescent state (which lasts for 60 seconds after consuming fluorescent algae). Additionally, a schooling behavior has been added (ordinary gugufish follow their own kind as the leader, while fluorescent gugufish follow other fish/players/vehicles as their leader.) When attacked, they will flee.


Flying Fish

Flying fish mainly inhabit the ocean’s surface and occasionally glide in the air for a period of time. When there are sharks/devilfish/rays/lanternfish/ships/players without diving suits nearby, or when they are attacked, they will glide away to escape. During storms, they will continuously leap out of the water.



Crabs are naturally generated on the beach and shallow sea, and they will search for hiding places among aquatic plants, shells, and rocks. They can climb one grid on a vertical surface and can move both on land and in water. When attacked by humanoid creatures, they will cling onto the creature’s hands with their pincers, which can be shaken off by using the [Use] key.



Seagulls are flying creatures that spawn on the beach, shallow sea and deep sea. They will look for blocks to rest on and steal food from the player’s hand. If the food is french fries, they will even laugh nearby. They will sound the alarm before an impending storm, and seek shelter on ships/beaches during storms. They make different calls depending on the type of interaction and may follow ships in some cases. When fishing, they may swoop in and steal the fish on the float. They may also grab flying fish in the ocean or eat fish that villagers have dried.



Devilfish spawn at a depth of 12-42 blocks in the deep sea environment and will launch an attack actively. They have poisonous spines on their tails, which makes them quite dangerous, but they have no resistance to smooth block surfaces. They will look for the side of the block to rest on after 18:00 in-game time and wake up at 6:00 (they can also be awakened by nearby creatures).


Fluorescent Algae Fish

Fluorescent algae fish spawn at a depth of 12-22 blocks in the deep sea environment and will launch an attack actively. They lurk in the sedimentary rocks of the deep sea floor, only revealing the light above the head disguised as fluorescent algae to trap prey. When surrounding blocks are destroyed or the trap is successful, they will take the initiative to get out of the lurking state.



When players explore wrecks/kill creatures in the ocean/dig blocks/sail a certain number of times (the accumulation of the buff Sea God’s Protection slows down), sharks may spawn anywhere. It is dangerous because they will attack player actively, swallowing player and leather raft in one gulp. Therefore, it is impossible to sail by boat. When the player is at the surface of the sea, they will show their dorsal fin and swim around before attacking. They will chew the block between the player and themselves (time depending on the hardness of the block), and they will also destroy ships. They will continuously track the target until the target dies or is out of the ocean.



Jellyfish are bioluminescent creatures found in the ocean that will actively attack and sting humans with their tentacles, which can be very painful. They are typically blue in color, but will turn red when under attack. During storms, they will dive deep into the ocean and their bioluminescent range can increase. If caught while fishing, they can also deliver an electric shock to the player handling them.
When hit by seahorse or air cannon, they will inflate and eventually become inflated jellyfish that float to the surface. Stepping on it from above will cause a player to be bounced up and release the gas inside the jellyfish. After the gas dissipates, the jellyfish will return to their normal form. When other creatures touch the inflated Jellyfish, they will be bounced up 2 blocks high.
When multiple jellyfish are together, they will randomly follow a certain one and swim in a formation.
Drop: Jellyfish Core(can be used to feed and tame seahorse)



They spawn in the shallow sea environment and come in two types: ordinary seahorses and chubby seahorses. When attacked, they will retaliate. Seahorses will change color when they are on coral, seaweed, or kelp. They will also turn invisible for 30 seconds when there are jellyfish, sharks, players, or bosses nearby. They will reappear once the danger has passed. Seahorses can be tamed using jellyfish drops and used as mounts in the water, allowing players to speed through the water at a fast pace. Chubby seahorses will produce baby seahorses when fed jellyfish core (the baby seahorses will grow up, follow the seahorse, and enter/exit the brood pouch).
Drop allochroic glands (used to make red/yellow/blue/white dyes).


Coconut Tree

Using triangular blocks, coconut rees can grow in two forms: straight and curved. They have a characteristic of growing towards water and can generate on the soil of the beach, red clay coast and island coast, grass blocks and sand blocks. When planted on red clay, they may mutate and their leaves turn red, and the function of the coconuts changes as well. Digging the trunk of the coconut tree will cause coconuts to fall off. If the coconuts fall on a creature, they will cause damage and grant the creature a ” unconsciousness” buff. If the creature is a player, it will also trigger a setting to skip the night; If the creature is a child villager, it will also trigger a setting where they are carried home by adult villagers.
Product: coconut(used to restore stamina), mutated coconut(used to make coconut shell which is placed in thrower for naval battle)


Fluorescent Algae

Fluorescent Algae only grow in the deep sea and naturally emit light. When destroyed, they will become【Unused Glow Stick】that can be easily activated by bending. When held, they can expand the underwater field of view, and when thrown, they can create a light source that has a limited duration. Once the durability is depleted, the stick will extinguish. Discarded glow sticks that have been extinguished or damaged will become【Used Glow Sticks】, which are needed for fluorescent algae to reproduce. When placed on top of【Contourites】, they will grow into new sprouts that mature over time.



There are four types of coral, each with two colors during their lifetime. Using the item coral polyp, players can propagate them on underwater reefs or yellow sand. When mature, coral will transform the surrounding yellow sand into reef and change the color of the reef underneath. They will catch albino after dehydration and lose their original color. Players can put them back into water and fill in new coral polyp to revitalize them. Living corals can stay vitalized when placed directly on red clay or red sand blocks.


Giant Scallop (Animal/Plant).

Giant Scallops spawn on the beach, shallow seabed, and in water, occupying a space of 2*2*1. They will randomly open and close when underwater, with open scallops potentially containing pearls or living crabs, or nothing at all. To force a closed scallop to open, players can light a bonfire nearby on land.



Ferns,a one-grid tall plant, only appear on red clay islands. Some of them will grow thorn balls that can be burned.
Trait: When a creature comes into contact with a thorn ball fern, the thorn ball will detach from the plant and stick to the creature, and the creature can throw collected thorn balls at other creatures. A player can have a maximum of five thorn balls stuck to them. Sitting on a chair or sleeping will cause players to be bounced and take damage if they have any thorn balls attached to them, and colliding with other creatures or blocks will also have the same effect.
    • Jumping continuously can shake off the thorn balls on the body.
    • Running into other creatures can transfer thorn balls to them.
    • When soaked in liquid, thorn balls will detach from the creature’s body and become dropped items that can be picked up.
    • When on fire, thorn balls will disappear.


Equinox Pineapple

Red Clay specialty, the fruit (pineapple) is a missile that will explode after throwing, causing nearby creatures to lose control and become aggressive (attacking nearby creatures). The flower can be placed in a vase or used to craft Corolla of Luck (resists fatal damage, being destroyed upon activation).


2. Weather

Storm, Rainbow

Add wind direction setting (four directions: east, south, west and north);
Players, creatures and ships will be pushed forward by the wind.
When the storm ends, a rainbow may appear.

3. Mineral and Terrain Blocks


Surface blocks in the deep sea bed,there is a chance that sea snow will float in the water above.


Mn Nodule Ore

It involves a series of items such as diving equipment and hard glass block.


Black Curd

New rules are added. Hot springs can be formed through special arrangements. Users can also follow the rules to place black curbs. The hot springs will automatically erupt at certain intervals. During each eruption, creatures and drops in the center will be pushed out 5 blocks away from the spring.



There are two forms of reefs, dry and wet. Coral can be planted on them, and they will change color based on the color of the coral that grows on them. If they come into contact with lava, they will turn into rock.


4. Equipment & Weapon

Diving Equipment

3 items, 2 levels
Mask: Come with built-in light sources that can improve visual range. When in first-person mode, there is an obstructive effect at the edge of the screen.
Diving Suit: Relieve the effect of water pressure
Fins: Increase underwater movement speed


Water Cannon

Generate damage and range bombs by launching compressed oxygen from a gas tank.
Cannot cause damage without water pressure in the air but inflicts Knockback for a short distance.


Oxygen Backpack

Optimize the oxygen backpack to adjust the oxygen consumption only when the equipment is worn on the body. Change the way of obtaining it from Horas to Miras.


Underwater Weapons

Harpoon: Similar to a stone spear (can be thrown and retrieved), it will not have its speed and trajectory decayed by water blocks.
Bow and Arrow: can be used on land, in water, and in the air.


5. Items

Guard’s Heart

Use: The material for synthesizing Ocean Spirit Transform Stone
Obtained from Treasure Map Chest, Fishing or Ocean Spirit Guard


Lightning Core

Use: Enchantment material, obtain the enchantment of Lightning Chain
Obtained from the chests in sunken ships.


Fish Flake

Use: Place fresh fish with (left click/use key), and harvest dried salted fish (food) after a period of time.
Obtained in the fishing village


Corolla of Luck

When taking fatal damage, retains at least 1 HP
After the effect is triggered, the corolla will have its durability reduced to zero and be damaged.


6. Furniture

Shell style: bed, sofa, table, chair, door, window, stair, lamp, stockade, gate, chime
Coral style: bed, window, stockade, gate
Ocean style: storage box, screen, wardrobe, floor lamp, chandelier, pot
Obtain the blueprint through the Island Merchant or Legendary Angler, and then unlock the crafting recipe.

IV. Blocks Upgrade

1. New Lamina

Different thickness of Lamina, can be stacked to change the thickness.


2. Adjustable blocks shape

Blocks shape can be set to round or angled in Settings – Advanced

V. Functions iteration

1. Mini Map

In Survival mode, a 2D overlook map has been added.
The map becomes an infinite canvas, and the corresponding terrain thumbnail is displayed by refreshing the block according to the player’s movement. The unexplored parts are black, and the locations where the players have passed will display the terrain thumbnail. Each time the exploration shows the map range with the player’s position as the center, it is displayed within a fixed range. The terrain thumbnail is dynamic and will be updated according to the actual terrain conditions. Addition of a marking system. The map, just like the world, generates infinitely, so it will become larger as you explore. In addition to the default markers that will be generated, players are allowed to mark up 50 markers, which can be tracked, and these markers will be synchronized on the Mini-map.


2. Optimization of underwater effects

The concentration and distance of underwater fog effect will change according to the player’s depth and rotation angle, simulating the effect of smaller visibility in deeper water.


3. View

New Free View in Settings.
Left joystick and Keyboard [WASD]:
    • The left joystick and keyboard WASD can control the direction of character movement.
    • The character’s facing direction will be aligned with the movement direction.
Mouse and blank area on the right:
    • Control the direction of the view.
    • The direction of the view does not need to be consistent with the player’s movement direction.


4. Adjustment of dropping rules

Destroying blocks has been adjusted to drop multiple items instead of just one.


5. Plants Upgrade

Updated the models of various growth stages of Campanula, Orchid, Limonium Sinuatum, Dracaena Flower, Hyacinth, Crowfoot Grass, Dracaena, White Coco Flower, Tecoma Stans, Wild Rose. Making them more beautiful.


6. New Effects

New effects: Godray, Underwater Caustic, Dynamic Sky (The transition from sunny to rainy is smoother), Dynamic Plant etc.

VI. Bug Fixed

  1. Fixed the display issue of runetable and activating runes.
  2. Fixed the display issue of avatar in room list and friend list.
  3. Fixed the issue of survival mode respawn points not saving.
  4. Optimized multiplayer experience.
  5. Resolved some interface layering errors.
  6. Fixed other issues affect game experience.