0.36 Update! Build Your Own Car!

0.36 Update! Build Your Own Car!


Hello, friends, welcome to Mini-Captain’s factory. I think most of players have known about our new function for building vehicle machine in the next version. So, let me show you my factory as below.





Aha, this is Mini-Captain Vehicle Factory, but only factory cannot build car automatically, you also need to learn how to build a car with new items and the structure of car. Let me explain you what’s new for this new version.

First, you must have these four brand new items, they are Wheel, Power Wheel, Driver Seat and Perpetual Engine.



The Wheel must be set before Power Wheel, because it is used to control direction and Power Wheel with black axle provides driving force connecting with the Perpetual Engine.





The picture below is the basic structure of a vehicle machine, but it is still cannot be called a car coz there is no steering wheel and car body.





Therefore, we need use the Miniature Block function, which released on previous version to build your own body. See this photo, this is Mini-Captain’s golden super car.





And this is one for F1 Racing Car!





Well, some notes for special attention when you build your vehicle machine.

  1. The more blocks you use or the more weight of blocks, the slower speed that your machine will be.
  2. The Perpetual Engine can only use one for one machine.
  3. The number of passengers have no effect on speed.




Thanks and see you next time(but longer than two days this time.)




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