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Tutorial: How to Make an elephant and a Rice Dumpling?

Miniature Update: Four-footed and simple shape mobs are here!

Step 1: Make miniature units of Four-footed mobs

(1)     Use Miniature Workbench to finish every unit of the elephant.

Tips: The legs of four-footed mobs are symmetrical. So you only need to make only one leg.

(2) Put sandy soil in miniature workbench. Put the units in item bar.

We You can find the miniature blocks in default folder of resource center.

Step 2: Assemble the four-footed mobs

Open item bar, find the Mob Miniature Block

Put the Miniature Mob Block on the ground. Right click it, then the triangle, switch to four-footed template.

Then assemble the units.

The parts being adjusted will be displayed in purple – It’s easier to find out which part you are assembling! It will automatically “correct” the position – the part will be placed on the horizontal line properly, making your adjustments easier.

There is a new bottom “eye”. Click it, not assembled template will be hidden.

And the new edit function makes your edit easier! Click the generated mob then you can continue the edit.

Or we can import the mob model.

Symmetric units will be automatically added. For example, if you add the right arm, the left arm will be automatically add at the symmetric place (Of course you can create not symmetric mobs)

And simple shape mobs:

Simple shape mob is quiet easy because it has only one unit.

You can directly import the block model.

Thanks for the support from players 柚茶 and 最萌不过龙宝宝