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Version preview: Miniature Mob Update

Miniature function has come out for a few months. From Miniature Model to Weapons to Mobs.

(Miniature Models are from players’ maps UID: 72458055 and 1154525)


In the last version, we only have the human-shaped template.

Look, it’s Mecha Meow!

Now in the latest version, you can build more miniature mob with four-footed template!

Use the Mirrored Flip, symmetric units will be automatically added. For example, if you add the right arm, the left arm will be automatically add at the symmetric place. Is that super convenient?

Now look what you’ve got! 

Thanks for support from ^O^小桃心^O^)


And also simple shape mobs! 

What do you think of the new function update? What kind of mob you want to build?

Update coming soon!!