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Version preview: Making books!

Hello Everyone! Here is your knowledgeable Misra!

Recently Misra comes to visit Bunny Beauty and inquires about the new functional gameplay. He finds out that Bunny Beauty has newly added several bookshelves, which are full of books!

“Bunny Beauty, these are…”Misra is astonishing. There is not his first time to drop by Bunny Beauty’s house. Why there are so many books now! Does Bunny Beauty want to challenge Misra's Mini learning tyrant dominance?

“This is the latest function,” says Bunny Beauty proudly, “I don’t buy them. Actually I write them!”

“Isn't this function tailored for me?”Misra is very excited.

As the most knowledgeable person in Mini World, Misra wants to show his talent to everyone! After getting the new item from Bunny Beauty, Misra hurries home and writes a lot of books in one day.

As the saying goes, within books, one can find houses of gold.

If the bookshelves are filled with books, can Misra’s  red brick house be turned into a gold house?

The books on the shelves are all written by Misra! After finishing, Misra finds himself more handsome than ever!

Now Misra shares the strategy of becoming handsome everyone!


When Misra inquired information from Bunny Beauty, he noticed there was a new function preview on the shelves. While Bunny Beauty wasn’t looking, Misra took the book away. Now let’s have a look at the new functions! 

Misra feels like that he has everything with this book in hand!

Why can’t Bunny Beauty come straight to the point! Misra complains.

Oh, fooled by Bunny Beauty again!

Misra surrenders. Maybe Bunny Beauty is the more talented than him QAQ.

Quiz: Guess! What’s the circle besides the name?