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Avatar Plugin Tutorial

Once the custom avatar was launched, it has been widely praised by players. With free match and coloring, you can almost come up with a variety of styles, such as the following Prince Charming:

In the new version, players can not only become the Prince Charming themselves, but also build a team. But how?

First we need to unlock the headwear and clothes of Prince Charming. Enter the plugin library, create a new creature plugin:

You can choose to modify the original creature or create a new one according to your preference. Modifying the original creature means that you can use the existing avatars to replace the creatures in game, such as chicken. Creating new ones won’t influence the original creatures.

Enter the Edit Creature page, the model is a little bit different. Click model:

One more option:

You can use existing avatar to make a new creature model with:

Let’s make a square face Prince Charming!

Click save, then back to this interface. Select the Prince Charming we just made:

Edit the name, description, and other attributes. Successfully accomplished!

Create a new map and add the newly created Prince Charming plugin:

Then you can find your Prince Charming team in game!