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Plugin Library Tutorial

In 0.33.6 update version, the model of creatures can be changed to the skins you owned in DIY Gallery.

The Patrol Sheriff avatar can be used to replace the pig model in plugin library-creature. Then the Patrol Sheriff avatar will have all attributes of pigs, but looks like Sheriff!!

Look at them! The sleepy Patrol Sheriff!!

Or, use Rogue Swordsman on the penguin in plugin library-creature.

You can see the dancing Rogue Swordsman!


In the previous version, leaves can be replaced by blocks.

In new version, blocks can be replaced by miniature blocks!!

After released miniature function, various pretty miniatures have been created by players.

Many players expected to add functions to the miniature blocks, to use them as plugins.

Now miniature block is available to modify in plugin library!

How to use it?

First, make a miniature block:

Click to open Miniature Library:

Move miniatures to Miniature Library

Open the plugin library and add a new block plugin:

Choose to modify original blocks or create new blocks:

Click Model, to change the appearance of the block, the UI will look like this:

Click the Miniature Library, you will see all miniature blocks that you have moved to Miniature Library:

Choose the miniature that we made before and set attribute:

After setting the attributes, the miniature plugin can be used in any maps!

You can use the miniature block to replace the original block, such as leaves:

Look! So amazingisn't it?

Now try these new functions yourselves!!

Go and make your own miniature map!