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Just Stream on Omlet to Win Special Skins

Mini World:Block Art X Omlet Arcade Stream Event

The most fun, global server sandbox game is in Omlet Arcade now! The event packed with rewards and open for all players or streamers!

Whether you are professional streamers or normal players, you can all join this streaming event, win the in-game rewards, experience in Omlet and gain subscribers in Omlet.

Come and join us!

Event Time:


How to Participate:

All players and streamers must make streaming content of Mini World: Block Art

ONLY (Stream during the event time) in Omlet, to win the rewards. You can stream anything about MWBA. Rewards is based on the total streaming time.

Please Note: The total stream time will count by Omlet Arcade.

Step 1: Download Omlet Arcade app (Official Omlet Arcade Download Link)

Step 2:Stream about Mini World: Block Art in Omlet Arcade.

Reminder: The minimum stream time to get the rewards is 10+ minutes.

Using Omlet Arcade, you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch simultaneously!

Still confused about how to stream? Check out this video!

Youtube link:


The rewards are in 6 levels depends on the total monthly streaming time.

Level Condition Reward
1 Stream > 10 mins 300 Mini Beans
Star Box x 2
Transfer Scroll x 2

7 days of Misra Skin

2 Stream > 5 hrs 500 Mini Beans
Star Box x 2
Transfer Scroll x 2

14 days of Pandaa skin

3 Stream > 30 hrs 800 Mini Beans
Star Box x 2
Transfer Scroll x 2

30 days of Mini-T

4 Stream > 60 hrs

1000 Mini Beans + Permanent Skin of Joey

5 Stream > 80 hrs

1500 Mini Beans + Permanent Limited Skin of Erlang

6 Stream > 100 hrs 2000 Mini Beans + A set of Sunshine girl/Surfing boy

Limited skin + Special Streamer Frame

Note: In 40 days, if you have streamed and met the above requirements then you will get those related rewards

Please Note: This is a long-term event, rewards will be settled by monthly streaming performance and send out at the end of each month.

How to get the rewards:

Rewards will base on total stream time during the event.

The rewards will send to your Omlet Arcade in-app notification, do not forget to check!

In the notification, you will receive a gift code, activated in the Mini World: Block Art!

About Omlet Arcade:

Omlet Arcade Arcade is the 2017 Google Play Best Social app.

You can stream any mobile game from the Omlet Arcade Arcade overlay without ever leaving the game. Now you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Omlet Arcade Arcade simultaneously! Connect with other players who love the same games by chatting, sharing, and streaming.