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Mini Interview Vol.1

Mini Interview- A whole new channel to showcase the talented gamers from Mini World Block Art. In the first issue, we will interview 暗夜白狐 who owns 10 featured maps. Let's see what he will say during our interview.

Q:Grandly,we have 暗夜白狐,one of our best map creators who posted 22 maps,and got 10 maps featured in our gallery,and one of the maps even has a amazing download of 165k,as the first interviewee,let’s start with the old-fashioned self introduction shall we?

A:Haha , I am 暗夜白狐,  26 years old, I come from Malaysia. My UID: 4016746

Q:When did you start to play MWBA?

A:Like since 3 to 4 months ago

Q:Oh really?It just took you that little time to reach this height?

A:Haha,not really,in fact I am not that sure about the exact time,but that can’t be since February

Q:So you started with this ID: 暗夜白狐,Night Arctic Fox,what is the meaning of it?

A:Hmm, this may be abstract, and to make it simple, Night Arctic Fox means something mysterious, the night is dark,and arctic foxes are super rare species,yes,something like that.

Q:What's your favorite things to do in MWBA?  Which part is the piece of cake for you?

A:Creating funny maps and sharing to other players,and we play together of course,that’s the best part!

A:As for the easiest part,in fact nothing is so easy if you really wanna make it to the perfection,there will be a lot of digging and thinking,more communication and optimization,like an old saying goes,practice makes perfect,there’s nothing you cannot do after days of practicing and learning,so the easiest part for me,will be standing by the cliff,looking at the forest in a daze hahaha.

Q:What character/item do you like most in our game?

A:I like everything in the game,but if you really want me to pick one,that should be Lord Erlang,he looks so cool,and so does Dracula,because of the fascinating effect,as for item,I will say it’s Dragon boat,but it’s so hard to get,like super rare,and I seldom use them.

Q:Usually how long does it take for you to finish a map?Have you thought of calling for a team?

A:Usually when I have the whole day for it,it will take one day and a half, like finishing the main part alone,and call for some help for detail decorations. I plan to have a team,but sometimes other people is not so likely to get my point of the design,and feel limited for the ideas,so sometimes it’s much faster for me to do it all alone.

Q:Among all these maps you made, which one you like the most?

A:It’s《高科技教学中心》,since that one almost covered all of the skills I have,use of multiple electric tools,and the structures,like I used everything I know to build this map,and I shared a lot of skills and tricks in this map,so players can learn something from it.

I agree with the saying that everything you learn comes from other people,is something you may return to other people,if you don’t share,the things your learn from others will lost in the memory.

Q:Do you have any expectations or suggestions for MWBA?

A:Of course!I hope it’s going to be more funny and more interesting things will be added in the game,and there are more players come to play this game!

Thanks so much for giving us the time to make the first interview. We wish the best for 暗夜白狐 and hope to see his new featured maps. Wanna get interviewed? Just join our community and ask the admins for it!

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