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Dream Soccer Field Event Winners

Dear Mini Players!

We hope you all enjoys the DSF (Dream Soccer Field) event! Thank you all for participation.

The event generated more than 5,800 soccer maps with various themes and features, Well done everyone! We see you great support of this event!

After countless struggles and discussions, the winner maps are finally out!

Here is the Top 3 maps.

Top 1

Top 1 winner 

User name: furry-tail football(beta)

UID: 4290506

Top 2

Top 2 winners

User name: alf-Mars Soccer and Sandbox Creator-SC Soccer Stadium

UID: 13735, 14134

Top 3

Top 3 winners:

963299 Perryigi 2050 Galactic Cup
467910 J <DSF>
4016746 暗夜白狐 世界杯足球大赛
3448789 Sound108 World Cup With Artwork
3553170 >^..^< Transformers Soccer

For the winner map creators, the rewards will sent to you after 25th of July, please keep notice you in-game mail!

Congratulations to all winner maps creators! In the meanwhile there are so many other amazing soccer maps that did not make to Top 3, keep you chin up and well done!

More event coming in the future, stay tuned!


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Best wishes

Mini Captain