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0.26 Update-Let's Soccer

0.26 Update-Let's Soccer

1 Soccer Time, as the World Cup is approaching. We have added the new block--Soccer in the game which illustrates the new Physics era in MWBA. It has bounce, roll, friction.. etc physical property. Go and find your teammates now. Scissors can break the ball(LOL)

2 Soccer Shirt- Put on your special soccer shirt and you enter the soccer operation mode: When you’re off-the-ball running, left key search/steal, right key to make tackle slide; During dribbling status, left key to accumulate energy to kick the ball, right key to  accumulate energy to make the lob pass. Switch other items to close soccer operation mode

3 Built-in translator: Just no more fuss of communication issue. The built-in translator function enables you to communicate without language barriers, you are able to understand each other easily. (Messages, paper, public chat in Multiplayer and maps’ description can be used this function)

4 Three new blocks: Trigger, Creature trigger, and Soccer trigger. They can detect characters, balls and biomes then start to charge the trigger blocks next to them.

Score block: click it to switch team color and if it is charged, it will give 1 point to its team. It can work with trigger blocks to make soccer matches.(Available in survival mode too)
Preparation Blocks allow you to wait in a special zone and more freely before the start of the game.

5 We have added a new ribbon firework to celebrate your GOAL. It contains colored ribbons and can be used in Caster.

6 Terrain editor allows generation of different woods on the surface now. Imagine that on the grassland, you can mix peach tree,bamboo,poplar sapling ,cactus ,redwood sapling all together.

7 We have improved the search system in Multiplayer section which you are able to find more hosted rooms and see the “hot” maps. We have added “View Maps” before you join the game. One-step to enter the “selected maps, recommended maps which are being hosted. In the Gallery, all the maps can display multiplayer button in which you can see how many gamers use this map to host room and join it easily.

8 We have added countdown in initial setting of dev mode and more amazing settings in Goal.

9  Plugin block section has been optimized for better display.

10  Launching device adds cast mode only, use the wrench towards it and it will become red. Under cast mode, all items will be thrown away in item mode

11 Fix the bug of failure to connect to multiplayer when you can change the tree(on/off oval shape) during the game