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The Best Tutorial Maps

Dear Mini Gamers

Thanks so much for your great support of our game! We have received around 10,000 tutorial maps for the novices. After carefully check, we have selected the best tutorial maps for each language! And beside those best ones, we also found more quality maps which can be rewarded too! So glad to see great support from you guys! Below are the best tutorial maps:


UID: 4016746   Name: 暗夜白狐

UID: 1648756  Name: Thepalimacore01


UID:1108383  Name: GRplayBR


UID: 3256617  Name: Donny

UID: 3448789  Name: Sound108


UID:1107780  Name:Lugia59

UID: 1521610  Name: queni

All tutorial maps are displayed in the Gallery--Topic--Tutorial