Mini World

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0.22.3 Update of Mini World-Block Art

0.22.3 Update is available in Google Store,  let's take a look what are the new things.

Lets Go! The Roller Coaster!


The  Roller Coaster Loco :

We have a brand new roller coaster loco design. Do you like it? It is much faster and cuter than ever before.

Roller coaster Carriage

Bring all your friends and sit on the carriage to experience the roller coaster in the game!


Rail node:

Generate the rails using these amazing rail nodes which brings future-tech-sense. Put one rail node into some place and place another node in other areas, the rail is being generated.


Speed up rails:

Watch out! Speed up the roller coaster with these rails!



Function upgrade

Upgrade Props in Plugin

We have updated props in plugin like last time we do it to the creature. You can edit the props now. Not only the UI interface, you also can change the basic attribute and appearance of props!  Now, we are looking forward to your new creation maps!


New Underground Portal

Say goodbye to the goofy square underground portal. The new updated portal conveys a sense of time and space, you can even see some blazing lava from it. Go and equip you and your best buddies to explore the underground world. Notice: when you break the portal, it will drop less items than before


Optimization of creating a new map and UI adjustment

You will embrace a new UI design of creating a map which is much more simple and easy to operate. We have added 2 new terrains into flat terrains-- waters and pure white canvas for better creation. You can make some architectures on water as well as paint what ever you want in the whole white terrain.


Water well design upgrade

We have made a new design towards water well in desert. Jump into it and you may find the secret chests.


Remember the passwords of encrypted server

Feel fussy to input same passwords multiple times to join your friend’ server. Now we have simplified the process, you will automatically enter the encrypted sever once you have enter the password before. Remember that if you restart that game, you have to input the password again.


Email interface notice:

For better protection of your account, after you set the password for your account. The system will pop up the notice to ask you to bind your account to your email. You are able to retrieve the password with bound email now.