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How to play the beta PC version?

Hey Guys, this is another milestone achievement for Mini World-Block Art! The beta PC version is now available on our website for download:
Right now, we have the true connection of all different devices. PC-Mobile data is connected which means you are able to use mobile devices to play with your friends who are on PC.
Connection of different devices!
You may wonder how to install and play it. No worry, just follow below steps

1 Go to and find the button to download

2 Install the launcher package

Installation Package

Some Anti-virus software may report it as virus. Kindly plz ignore it or shut down anti-virus software to install the game.

Then the launcher icon will appear on your screen

3 Log in with your old account or sign up

4 It takes around 2 to 60 minutes to download the game files from our servers. Time will be different based on your areas. The game file is around 130MB.

5 Now, you are able to play PC version!

6 More settings allow much more convenient control

7 Below are the requirements to play PC version:

Low Configuration
CPU: Intel(R) P4/PE
Display card: intel Graphics Media Accelerator
Memory bank: 1GB
Hard disk: 500MB
System: WinXP/2003/Vista/7/10

Recommendation Configuration
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
Display card: NVIDIA GeForce GT240 / ATI HD4670
Memory bank: 2GB
Hard disk: 5GB

System: WinXP/2003/Vista/7/10

Now , just enjoy MWBA beta PC version!

Last but not least, welcome to join our community to talk with MWBA gamers and devs.
Discord: (devs are here , contact us instantly)