Bugfixes 1.4.30 Version Announcement


Dear Players, thank you for your support and patience. We just released a Bugfix version 1.4.30 where we fixed over 167 bugs.
Please update to the new version and enjoy the game. If there are any bugs that you have encountered, please feel free to contact us. We will sincerely accept your suggestion and improve the game experience.


Following are some bugs that have been fixed:

• Fixed an issue that monsters in the Flamas did not respawn.
• Fixed an issue when the fences were not connected, players could not pass through the middle of them.
• Fixed an issue with controlling crafted ships on mobile.
• Fixed an issue where Nini would not take damage when she fell from a high altitude.
• Fixed an issue where players’ glowing items didn’t illuminate surroundings when in a multiplayer room.
• Fixed issues with the “Multiverse”, including that the map could not be refreshed on the [All] page, the room was not displayed in the [Room] list, or map crashed.
• Fixed an issue where the invitee’s display was abnormal and the HP would be deducted all the time after the invitation of the interactive skin in the multiplayer room.
• Fixed an issue where players failed to join Party Zone and attempted to join Multiverse, the screen would go black.
• Fixed issues with the “Party Zone”, including the display of friend team invitations and skin that were abnormal, or you could hear the player’s voice on the loading interface of the Party Zone.
• Fixed an issue where adjusting the systematic brightness would not take effect on Android and iOS.
• Fixed an issue where the screen brightness suddenly dimmed after opening “settings” on some iOS devices.
• Fixed an issue when the account was logged out and the player’s other account could not be logged in.
• Fixed a crash issue while clicking on the “Avatar” in the Profile.
• Fixed an issue where the Home module was missing while returning to the Home from another player’s Profile.
• Fixed an issue where an error occurred while switching the page to “System Message” in the message center.
• Fixed the ANR issue while selecting the archive map to enter the game.
• Fixed the black screen issue while creating a survival map with a new account.
• Fixed a prompt error when the length of the user name did not meet the requirement.
• Fixed an issue where custom avatars were not displayed on the “create a character” page.
• Fixed an issue where an exception occurred while downloading resource packages.
• Fixed an issue where the option to purchase items with advertisements was not displayed when opening the developer’s item purchase interface within a trigger. • Fixed an issue where the “Block.PlaceBy” event wasn’t being called when a player placed a window or door.
• Fixed an issue when clicking “Interact”, the interactive skin didn’t work .
• Fixed an issue of not responding when clicking the GO button in Mini Treasury.
• Fixed crashing when clicking on “Pop-Up” to lead to a Discount page.
• Fixed an issue of models not displayed when clicking the items in the Season Pass.
• Fixed an issue when clicking leading to the wrong page in the Mall.
• Fixed an issue with the incomplete task “3209” error after launching.
• Fixed an issue of lagging when clicking on tab buttons to switch interfaces with a large number of saved maps.
• Fixed an issue where a cloud archive backup in progress would display a record of 0.00MB.
• Fixed an issue where a successful backup prompted a “Restore successful” message, and the backup record didn’t appear immediately.
• Fixed an issue where one cloud archive only displayed two backups and showed a backup limited error when attempting to backup.
• Fixed an issue where the abnormal UI of the cloud archive creation interface could not be closed on some models.
• Fixed the display issues on some UI pages.
• Optimized the display effect for some languages.
• Optimized the network experience when playing multiplayer mode.