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0.20.8 Update of Mini World-Block Art

The new update is soon to be released in 3 days, let's give a quick review of new update things!


This version adds two styles of the bookcase. (If new styles don’t work, try to change the texture pack)

Glass window

The ventilation is poor in a completely sealed room, so we add a new item—glass window.

Sulfur crystal sand The searing hot gas from sulfur crystal sand can throw men/animals into the air. So don’t be surprised if you see some creatures floating up in the air!

Diamond sword New enchantment effect

Gallery: You can share maps you find in Gallery to your friends!

New functions: Light and shadows A ray of sunshine will wake you from your sleep in the morning. Walking along the lake, you can see the reflections of mountains in the clear water. Leaf shape switch Go to Settings, opt for Advanced tab, switch the leaf shape between square and oval.

Mode switch

Players may hurt friends by mistake in the room. So survival rooms default to peace mode which means players cannot attack each other. Of course, if you are fond of mischief, you can also turn off the No attack switch in room settings.\

Dyeing: You can dye sheep directly with dyes. But the fleece clipped from sheep will still be white because of poor adhesion of dyes.

Bug fixes: Chaos crystals and Life crystals can be synthesized now.

New background music 4 different background music